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Prepare to have your taste buds transported to the streets of Beirut with the traditional Lebanese BBQ Chicken plate. Every element of this dish is crafted to perfection, from the succulent, organic free range chicken cubes that have been marinated with Yola's secret blend of Lebanese spices, to the fragrant Basmati rice that's tossed with raisins and onions and further enhanced with Yola's signature medley of spices.

But what truly sets this dish apart is the pièce de résistance - Yola's famous garlic sauce. Creamy, tangy, and garlicky, this sauce is the perfect accompaniment to the chicken and rice, elevating the dish to new heights of deliciousness.

With every bite, you'll be transported to the bustling streets of Beirut, where the aroma of spices and sizzling chicken fill the air. Don't miss out on this culinary journey - it's an experience that you won't soon forget. Trust us when we say that this Lebanese BBQ Chicken plate is truly divine - it's a must-try for any food lover.

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