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Kafta w Batata

Kafta w Batata

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An amazing and authentic meal that will leave you full and energized. 


  • A bed of vermcelli and basmati rice that is cooked perfectly
  • topped with slices of organic potatoes that are 1/2 fried and then oven baked to give it an incredible texture and moist and juicy interior.
  • then 6 fingers of prime high quality ground beef that is cooked alongside the potatoes in organic tomatoes and onions.
  • To finish this masterpiece of flavors, a pinch of parsley is added ontop to seal the delicious deal.


This meal is delicious for lunch or dinner and it is one of those meals that will taste better the next day, so do not hesitate to order more than you need.


[This meal is a great freezer meal, which means you can stick it in the freezer and it will be just as good later]

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