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Lebanese Pizza

Lebanese Pizza

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You might be familiar with Greek pizza, and perhaps you've even enjoyed a slice or two. But if you haven't ventured into the heart of Mediterranean pizza, then Yola's Traditional Lebanese Pizza is a delightful revelation waiting for you.

At Yola's, it all begins with a generously sized, meticulously crafted dough, prepared to perfection using organic flour, organic yeast, salt, sugar, and water. The result is a hearty and satisfying base for a remarkable culinary journey.

The magic continues with Yola's homemade tomato sauce, infused with the aromatic essence of fresh Thyme imported directly from Lebanon. This distinctive touch creates a genuine connection to the flavors of the Mediterranean.

The toppings are a testament to Yola's commitment to quality, featuring organic mushrooms, organic corn, Lebanese black and dark green olives - pitted, cut, and artistically layered, along with organic sweet peppers. A generous array of 18-20 large slices of organic pepperoni contributes a bold and savory character.

To complete this Mediterranean symphony, a lavish topping of 250 grams of shredded cheese, slightly over half a pound, is added, resulting in a rich and indulgent finish to the pizza.

Yola's expertise extends to the cooking process, ensuring that each pizza is baked to perfection, then meticulously cooled, wrapped, and promptly frozen to preserve its freshness.

Enjoying Yola's Traditional Lebanese Pizza is a breeze - simply remove it from the packaging, pop it in the oven for 10 minutes, and relish the authentic and heartwarming flavors of Lebanon, all wrapped up in a pizza style. Be prepared for a substantial serving, perfect for sharing with a fellow pizza enthusiast or savoring over multiple meals.

In essence, Yola's Traditional Lebanese Pizza is an inviting exploration of Mediterranean flavors, crafted with care and commitment to quality. It's a delightful experience that beckons anyone who appreciates unique, high-quality pizza.

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